Summer School can really be the start of something…

Posted: 08 July 2018

Summer School can really be the start of something…

Our makeup FX Summer School for 14-18 year olds is a fun and informative way to spend a week, but in some cases, it’s the first step towards a career.

We’re hearing from colleges and universities, and from our past Summer Schoolers themselves, that they’re successfully applying for diploma and degree course places, with the introduction to the subject and core skills gained on our 5-day class having stood them in good stead for embarking on full-time education when they leave school.

During our summer course in Falmouth, students get an insight into the role of a makeup FX artist in the film industry, and learn fundamental techniques on which to build their future skills, taught by tutors who are current film and TV prosthetics artists.

The course is totally hands-on, teaching how to create casualty effects with direct-applied materials and make a gelatine appliance like a fresh wound, scar, boils or alien skin texture. There’s messy fun experimenting with blood gags, and the week culminates in making a unique creature mask, from sculpture through moulding and casting to painting and photographing it.

Students leave with valuable skills, new like-minded friends and if they discover a love for the subject as many do, the start of a potential career path.

There are four Summer Schools during the up-coming holidays, Info and booking here

Interest-free payment plans here

If you're 14-18 and already have some prosthetics skills - self-taught or leant on a course - our Advanced Summer School with take those skills to the next level.


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