Advanced Summer School for teens

Posted: 30 June 2018

Advanced Summer School for teens

Teens take your prosthetics skills to the next level. If you’re self-taught in basic prosthetics techniques, have already completed a summer school course or similar or are on a makeup course at college, our Advanced Summer School is for you.

This 5-day class for 14 – 18 year olds will teach you to work with silicone, the film industry’s most widely-used material. You’ll learn key techniques to make silicone flat mould appliances for casualty, character and ageing makeups, build your own silicone props and get career advice from industry professionals.

Create and apply your own facial prosthetics, learn basic life casting to mould your hand in alginate and make a silicone horror prop hand using colouring techniques, hair punching and gory accessories. 

Advanced Summer School runs from 27th - 31st August at our studio in Falmouth, Cornwall. £474 including VAT; interest-free payment plans available from £79 per month.

Just starting out and need an introduction to prosthetics? Our standard Summer School is the course for you, there are four this year, listed on this page!


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